TWSLive #4 band profile: Juno and Hanna

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Juno and Hanna is one the bands appearing on The Wknd Sessions Live #4 – happening on 22-August-2015 in Mall of Medini, Johor Bahru.


Brother-sister act Juno and Hanna was formed in 2013, comprising of Saiful Hanif and Hanna Halim. Though they had previously worked together in different capacities in various music groups, Juno and Hanna was the first serious effort the siblings worked on. Based out of Johor Bahru, Juno and Hanna draws on their family bond as a source of inspiration when making music and performing.

Hanif typically handles the beats and construction of their music in general, while Hanna creates the melodies and lyrics. Dabbling in electronica and dreampop, they look to acts like Efterklang and Blonde Redhead as part of their musical influences.


Even though they’re a relatively new act, Juno and Hanna have been performing actively, performing as support acts for touring bands like Enterprise, and in gigs like Social Media Fest 2014. In May 2015, they were the opening act for Postiljonen in Singapore, possibly their biggest show to date.

“Opening for Postiljonen was Juno and Hanna, brother and sister duo. Hailing from Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Although it was their first time performing in Singapore, the synthpop siblings managed to put together a magical performance, where the talented 17-year old Hanna sang melodiously in her saccharine-drenched voice and Juno produced mellow beats with his wine red electronic guitar.”


To learn more about the band, reach out to them here:

Written by one of The Wknd's team members.