TWSLive #3 band profile – Soft

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Soft is one the bands appearing on The Wknd Sessions Live #3 – happening on 15-August-2015 Insider Satellite, Ipoh.


Ipoh natives Soft was assembled on New Year’s eve 2011 – and have been fine purveyors ever since of all things atmospheric and echo-verb, interspersed with vocals delivered with a whisper. Taking their cues from 90’s shoegaze music, Soft’s source of inspiration is derived from the stylings of the genre’s stalwarts My Bloody Valentine and Slowdrive.

In 2013, Soft released their debut album ‘A Warm Romanticism in Coldwave Room’ – a limited edition, of sorts, with a print run of only a hundred copies. In conjunction with the release, they toured extensively throughout the region, with show dates in Indonesia and Singapore, together with another Ipoh band Ef’il.


One of Soft’s crowning achievements was to open for the American black metal / gaze band Deafheaven, and were subsequently featured in Mexican magazine Marvin.

In January 2015, together with labels Rumah Horror and Toothache Splinter, Soft re-released their debut album in vinyl format – with the limited edition release being snapped up quickly by fans across Malaysia.

To learn more about the band, reach out to them here:

Written by one of The Wknd's team members.