The Wknd Sessions Season 9 (Teaser)

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Kehadapan saudara / saudari,

Since 2008, we’ve been sharing music that we’ve discovered in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, through our website posts, and our sessions. And having done 8 seasons of The Wknd Sessions, we’re glad to say that we’ve only hit the tip of the iceberg. And this coming 13th of June 2014, will see the premiere of our 9th season, featuring 10 of the most exciting acts from our very own backyard, across multiple genres, from hardcore to electronica.

We hope you’ll enjoy the upcoming sessions and share it with your friends, which will run for 10 consecutive weeks, with new videos coming out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Here’s a sneak peak to The Wknd Sessions season 9:

We can only keep doing this with your continuous support, and do subscribe to our official YouTube channel, and discover music coming out of Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

Yang benar,
The Wknd Sessions