Reset To Zilch – Siberian Wolves

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reset to zilch

As we prepare to grasp the new taste of Reset To Zilch’s upcoming debut album and music video they’ve been working on and casually teasing us on Facebook, we thought their latest solid craft ‘Siberian Wolves’ would do its justice in the meantime. With a much heavier and grittier sound; intricate drumming, dense, crunchy bass and riff-driven instrumentation that is immersive, ‘Siberian Wolves’ becomes instantly appealing, signifying that Reset To Zilch has morphed into a dynamic solid post-rock, instrumental band which can fully mature and ripen in the local indie circuit. We feel there’ll be more quality material coming out of this band that gives no reason to intentionally avoid it. Listen to ‘Siberian Wolves’ here:

by Izyan Liyana