Pitahati Announces Peninsular Malaysia Tour

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Pitahati Tour

Just off the release of their recent debut album ‘Fonetik Anak Candal’ that has been filling the air waves and received such explosive attention, this 5-piece local Nusantara psychedelic electro rock outfit, Pitahati, is becoming one of the most household names in the indie music scene and they are more than ready to deliver a hit-fueled tour all across Peninsular Malaysia dedicated to their committed rocker fans!

Known for their elaborate and robust stage shows, Pitahati gives fans an ultimate chance to experience their music live as they are set to storm through 7 cities including one in Singapore, kicking off Friday, May 2nd until Saturday, June 14.

Keep track of their Facebook page to find out where and when Pitahati is playing in your city.

You wouldn’t wanna miss out on a rush-filled month!

by Izyan Liyana
Photo via Pitahati

Watch Pitahati perform live on The Wknd Sessions here.