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Official Music Video: Foxlore – Devil Made Me

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Local indie rock band Foxlore despite their latent musical skills and refreshing well-crafted songs, is probably one of the most reserved or overlooked acts which deserves some serious recognition. Suppose for many they’re still relatively new and some might never even heard of, the band (Troy, Scarlett, Affan and Man) has been diligently making music on the down-low, with four tracks already being uploaded on their Soundcloud page and debut EP that is reportedly at work. They’ve also performed for Findars’ Piannissimo Concert Season 2 last June alongside glam power pop act from England, Shirin. Though it doesn’t stop there – the band has recently released a brand new homemade video for their track ‘Devil Made Me’ less than a week ago; a witty yet distinctive monochromatic 2D animation which showcases Foxlore’s musical style and their capability of stretching boundaries, and the result is with solid reason this staggering music video which blended seamlessly with the eerie, syncopated rhythm of the track.

This release is a real treat and as the band progresses, you bet they’re on our list to give a close listen to. Watch the video below and stream the rest of their tracks here:

by Izyan Liyana
Photo via Foxlore