New single: “You Know” by Liyana Fizi

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Liyana Fizi - You Know

Liyana Fizi’s latest single “You Know” is a collaborative effort. She teamed up with composer/producer Melina William, who is also the frontwoman and bassist for Malaysian independent rock outfit, Tempered Mental.

Approaching Liyana to lend her vocals for the project took only a brief exchange of Melina’s iPod earphones, followed by Liyana’s almost-immediate agreement!

“You Know” feels like closure to a specific period in time. Describing Melina’s composition for her as “honest, hypnotic and heart-wrenching”, Liyana brings an assured maturity into the vocal performance, and gives listeners a peek at what the singer has been up to as of late.

As a special bonus to the songstress’ loyal fans, Liyana is making the single available as a FREE download. But get it fast, as this freebie is set to expire on 1st November 2014!

Don’t forget to catch Liyana Fizi at RRRecFestival this weekend in Tanakita Camp, Sukabumi, Indonesia alongside other noteworthy regional acts.

The single is brought to you by our good friends at Soundscape Records. For more info, kindly contact Grace Chin via or info@soundscape-