Video: Muck – 18 Years In The Making

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After a tumultuous period since the recording of their debut album was scrapped, prolific yet highly underrated local indie rock band, Muck are at the top of their game and gearing up to return with a chock full of newly polished, rock-oriented tunes that tied together sounds and influences from all phases of the band’s career in the upcoming, long awaited 8-track debut album. Production duties were shared by Mamak Raksaksa (mixing) and Nirvana & Soundgarden producer and pioneer, Jack Endino (mastering) along with band members Myo (drum/guitar), Ducktoi (vocal/guitar), Kujoy (guitar/vocal) and Feroz (bass/vocal). Having developed a solid reputation as one of the prime movers of the Ipoh indie scene and a force to be reckoned with musically, this first “proper” release of their debut album guarantees an impressive repertoire of songs. Does this mark the culmination of the band’s upcoming live shows/possible album tour? We can’t wait to find out.