Video: Monster Cat – Take Me To Love (The Violet Hour)

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monster cat

Extra points for this Singapore-based band for conjuring up a rather hallucinogenic, uncanny, altered-state visual rhythm brilliantly executed to compliment the standout track, ‘Take Me To Love’ off their supremely enjoyable multi-layered debut album, ‘The Violet Hour’. Having a much denser feel to it this time around which makes for comfortable listening, ‘The Violet Hour’ encompassed 13 tracks interspersed with catchy, melodic grunged-up psychedelic rock tunes; a creative formula that has resonated both locally and internationally which granted them the deserving recognition. The dulcet vocals project a sense of longing with snappy tempos throughout that give this album an electrifying element of substance.

Stream their latest album here meanwhile, watch the video and enjoy the wild optical ride.

by Izyan Liyana
Photo via Monster Cat