Video: Joe Flizzow feat. SonaOne – Apa Khabar

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Joe Flizzoe

We don’t normally speculate. We’re usually just about the facts, music and who made what but this one time gave us an exception.

We think okay, maybe not everyone agrees but still this better be a teaser to a Too Phat reunion because that’s all everybody really wants and judging by the video, that’s what Joe wants most of all. Well okay, look at this from a business perspective which we all know Joe’s pretty good at, this video along with all the comments and responses would give a comeback the proper amount of juice and build-up needed for one. I’m not complaining, it’s a brilliant idea really. That’s if it’s for a comeback and that’s a big “if” – or if it’s really just Joe missing his main man, well then in that case we feel for you.

While you watch the video and listen to the lyrics, you track back in time from their early days from when they first started then to how things are now with both of them going their splitting paths.

We all loved Too Phat no doubt, that combination of the two seemed indestructible till the two decided to go their own way. Now we really couldn’t be bothered as to why they split or why Malique had gone quiet since then, but maybe just like a couple of Hollywood remakes, some things are better left alone right? I mean really, why would you go through all that trouble and not already have a reunion planned up? Or maybe it’s just a little more romantic than that. Whatever it is, here’s the video featuring SonaOne, watch it and tell us what you think – or not.

by Mark Joshua