Cross Border Showcase Regional Act: Two Million Thanks

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two million thanks 2

Floating markets, gilded palaces, street food, tropical islands and cheap spending shouldn’t be the only common things you know about Thailand. The town has somehow birthed a promising new upcoming instrumental math/post rock band called ‘Two Million Thanks’ under the independent record label, ‘So::On Dry Flower’ (SODF) based in Bangkok.

Formed in Faculty of Architecture (KMITL), Two Million Thanks have finally found some stability with their line-up, swapping out a number of alternate members over the time, as well as the missing component they’ve needed to solidify the band – putting an end to the frustrating cycle of recruiting new members to play with. The band is now primarily driven by four members, Wissanu Likitsathaporn (vocals), Tanapoom Yampaak (guitars), Atta Hemwadee (bass) and Khunpol Kaewgate (drums).

Impressive enough now, Two Million Thanks have made great strides as a musical group. Their intricate, explosive instrumentation and smooth-as-silk vocals are getting the attention of listeners on a regional scale. They’ve started performing in various events and joined quite a number of shows in the Thailand math-rock scene. In 2012, they have also played as the opening act for Japanese instrumental group, Toe, when they managed to get the crowd moving their collective feet proved to be a knockout. With everything falling into place for them, a debut album would seem like the natural next step for the band hence the release of “do” / , in February earlier this year under SODF; generally simple, yet encapsulating soft math-rock album with very pleasant vocals and plethora of looping riffs.

Two Million Thanks - Band Promo

This debut takes some colossal steps in an interesting and captivating direction, and it’s a joy to listen to. It’s not only wonderful for this Thai quartet and their listeners but for new, unfamiliar audiences; there’s nothing like this around.

To give a taster of what to expect, check out the band’s standout track, ยา / Medicine first single from their  compilation “Ghosted Note” below:

Two Million Thanks will be playing at The Wknd’s inaugural Cross Border Showcase, this coming 9th (in Penang) and 10th (in Kuala Lumpur) May 2014. Click here for more info.

For more information on Two Million Thanks head over to their Facebook page.

by Izyan Liyana