Tigapagi, Indonesian folk at its best

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Tigapagi’s debut album just proved the age-old saying that “good things come to people who wait” because ever since their conception in 2006, we’ve been patiently waiting for this album to drop. Well late last year, this Bandung acoustic folk band finally released “Roekmana’s Repertoire” to curious fans and observers who wanted to know if it was worth the wait. Well damn it, it was. The entire album flows like a single piece with each ending to a song the beginning to the next. It’s their way of illustrating the main theme of life cycles journeys and death in reincarnation. Sweet ballets coupled with deep centered metaphorical lyrics feels like a wolf in sheep’s clothing with listeners not expecting to be blown away with such meaningful lyrics that were hiding behind the charm of the chords.

Apart from the talented threesome of Eko Sakti Oktavianto (Guitar, Bass), Prima Dian Febrianto (Guitar) & Sigit Agung Pramudita (Guitar, Voice/Humming) that is Tigapagi; you’ve got an assortment of talented artist that joined in the creative effort. On one of the tracks we have, female vocalist Ida Ayu Made Paramita Saraswati on the song “Nada Fiksi” (Fiction Note) who displays her heavenly yet eerie voice that hints a bit of Dolores O’Riordan from The Cranberries. Cholil Mahmud who is a prominent lyricist/singer himself from “Efek Rumah Kaca” (now Pandai Besi) lends in his voice in “Pasir” while Ade Paloh of “Sore” sings on the track Alang-Alang. With all the amazing artist they surrounded themselves with and their own incredible input into most of it, it’s no wonder Rolling Stones named this #2 best Indonesian Album of 2013.

Roekmana’s Repertoire is still available here.

by Mark Joshua
Photo via Tigapagi