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tide edit

Math rock outfit tide/edit was formed in 2012 in their hometown Manila, Philippines. The general idea of their whole journey is to reserve music as a universal language to communicate and make us feel the joy, sorrow, pain and other emotions related to their music.  Nothing more than just instruments, listeners are the ones putting story behind the melodies coming from this quartet. Quite striking as there weren’t many math rock bands in Philippines, tide/edit certainly deserves the limelight.

Entered the scene with their remarkably impressive 2012 EP ‘Ideas’, tide/edit could possibly be recognized for their well-placed yet odd time signatures and also the pop-like riffs fidelity that enclose the atmosphere of their music. Recently, this post rock influenced band released their debut full length ‘Foreign Languages’, containing 11 tracks that seem much more assured of their identity. A lot fuller when compared to their previous ‘Ideas’ EP, the latest one appears with more sound elements portraying maturity, like mixes of post rock elements into melodies of guitar ripples and a well balance rock groove.

tide edit

Indulging in their tracks from the album ‘Foreign Languages’, there’s something about ‘Dog Years’ that catches attention. Either for its impactful beats or anthemic guitars, we still haven’t figured what it was. Also ‘Nicholas’ lets you enjoy the cheery tune which seems most evident in this track. If you want to familiarize yourself with chill notes of melancholic, try listening to the promising track ‘HAIYAN’. Naming their influences like toe and American Football, their music would also fit the likings of Explosions In The Sky, Mogwai and Two Million Thanks (TH)’ fans.

Be sure to check out their previous ‘Ideas’ EP as well. You’ll pretty much enjoy the goodness of both as the EP too contains some great tracks like ‘Pagbangon’ and ‘Bikes’. Overall, tide/edit succeeded in placing melodic instrumental rock smoothened by the uplifting beats that sure worth drowning your senses in. It’s the kind of carefree music that makes your mind linger and go beyond your boundary of imaginations.  So wander off and enjoy the vibes here:

by Farah Azahar
Photo via tide/edit