Theory of Discoustic

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Theory Of Discoustic

The overflowing creativity from folk bands seems to be thriving of late in the Southeast Asian scene. This time we introduce you to Theory of Discoustic, a folk trio from Makassar formed in 2010. Expect appealing soft acoustic melodies to sway you into their musical grace. The members include Dian Megawati (vocals/harmonica), Reza Enem and Nugraha Pramayudi (guitars) supported by Fadly FM (bass), Hamzarullah (drums/percussion) and ADriady Setia Dharma (keyboards/percussion).

Theory of Discoustic’s EP ‘Dialog Ujung Suar’ contains 4 tracks in Indonesian, providing a cinematic vibe through their music that fills your imagination with their tales through acoustic folk music. As simple as telling a story along with lie-down strums and plucks of acoustic guitar, their music clings to the sense of delicate sounds with evident of Dian’s high-pitched, calming and dreamy vocals. Their illuminating ethnic ambient sounds would fit most hearts of folk fans.

theory of discoustic

Despite their chants about life, love and culture, Theory of Discoustic’s songs still possess an environmental nature in which listeners could value deeply. If you’re looking for a breathtaking atmosphere with solid rhythm structure, try listening to ‘Teras Khayal’. Another song that is quite different is ‘Sebuh Harapan Musim Hujan’, highlighting a downtempo melody with story based on Makassar’s traditional dance, a ritual for the calling of rain.

They have previously released singles in English too before the issue of their EP. A refined experience, ‘Note Of Anxiety’ brings bubbly beats and ambient melodies to fly you away further into their picturesque tales. Overall, Theory Of Discoustic embraces a wonderful chill out tune.

Listen to Theory of Discoustic:

by Farah Azahar
Photo via Theory of Discoustic