Summer Dress, Tropical All Year Round

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Summer Dress

Raised by Panda Records, Summer Dress is a Bangkok based band featuring five graduates from Faculty of Music, Silpakorn University. Most of their songs were written back when these kids were in university. I’ve always had a thing for young music talents, maybe because I don’t have it when I was younger umm but that’s a different case.. Moving on!

Releasing their debut album Activity in 2012, they have been actively performing gigs, music fests and even in a wedding after party! With a total of 10 tracks, you could definitely dance to their cool-crazy tunes. I love how they place a slight sense of rock in their songs which doesn’t steal the limelight of their indie pop base. It sounded as if they just write and play whatever they like but amazingly it turns out good.

Summer Dress

Also if you’re a fan of High Highs and & The Centurions you’re gonna enjoy this. Some of the must-listen tracks include ราตรี, เสียคน and เอคโค่.

Snooping into their songs reflected that they were all in high spirits while recording. The magically happy tunes drifted me away from reality on to a jetski in the windy ocean for a while. The touch of soft Thai vocals never fails to put a sense of eargasm to its listeners.

Adding that to their music, it’s overall a brilliant combination. I’d choose their tracks to play on a fun road trip, yes! It’s definitely worth your time to explore Activity as it isn’t a bit of a turn down at all.

Bringing good vibes all over, this indie pop quintet has been the opening act for a few local bands including an American indie rock band Beach Fossils. Apart from being called upon Channel [V] Thailand, this band has also been nominated for Best New Band and two other categories for 2013 Kom Chad Luek Awards. Check out their Facebook page (link: for their future updates, who knows they might be invading our stage with their music soon!

If you wanna ‘wear’ them on, listen to their tracks here:

by Farah Azahar
Photos via Summer Dress