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In 2009, the Singaporean underground scene embraces Spacedays, a 5-piece rock band incorporating unpolished psychedelic sounds with strokes of retro beats. As the prologue of what they are offering, Spacedays stages a list of psychedelic groove rock, neo-psychedelia and garage rock, indicating a great listening experience to those who crave for sonic space waves.

Having been on a hiatus for the past year, Spacedays made a steady comeback with the band’s second release ‘Moondust’ last February. Comparing to their previous EP, ‘Is It In The Circle?’ twigs out more elements like pop, blues, rock n’ roll but ‘Moondust’ however is a bit more assured; picturing a fresh progress in which Spacedays might have discovered their zenith in producing out of the world beats.


Adding a good reason for listeners to take on their sounds, these space rockers settle down with a hearty mix of riffs and grooves along with ripples of cosmic textures in their latest release. They still keep their inimitable mark of fuzzy output together with inserts of 1960s psychedelic subculture elements. Yes, you may have my guess that it sounds quite like a soundtrack to some vintage outer space adventure movie.

The intergalactic groove seems to stagger more in tracks like ‘Knight’ and ‘Darkest Days’. Along with sluggish yet concentrated vocals from frontman Mamat, Spacedays also draws a close affinity to bands like Tame Impala and POND, together with some elements from The Black Keys and the early days of our very own Bittersweet. Having performed alongside Pitahati during their tour in Singapore, and also rocked the Baybeats stage recently, Spacedays influence in the SEA music trend seems positive with their current proposal.

Have a listen to them here:

by Farah Azahar
Photo via Spacedays