The Southern Beach Terror

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Southern Beach Terror

Hailing from a small town in Jogjakarta, Southern Beach Terror deserves attention for inventing some sick fashionable beats inspired from the past rock and roll histories. Epic – the best word to describe their music. Probably they’re the only surf rock band ever existed in Indonesia, as claimed by many. This surf / garage / punk outfit could be one of the pioneers of surf rock indie scene in Indonesia itself.

Thinking that the current music scene is too well produced, Southern Beach Terror is not interested in anything new other than making music that inspires themselves and people alike them. If you’re a follower of Los Straitjackets or The Beach Boys, you’re gonna love these punks. Their first full length album ‘Wave Of Blood’ was recorded back in 2005 but it wasn’t yet to be released until 2013, with a magical touch from a joint venture project of Elevation Records and Sonic Funeral Records. This 9-track album is filled with a lo-fi approach to emphasize the overall pattern of their music.

Southern Beach Terror

For those who crave for hypnotic riffs, fix your ears on their track ‘Barakkuda’. Be extra careful though because their tunes might give a dash for you to headbang so please do it (ir)rationally! Southern Beach Terror’s tracks are mostly about mythical creatures, some zombie beach party and legends of the mighty queen occupying the south sea. Their tunes structure into small particles that might cripple your veins thus leaving a very strong impression towards their music. Another must-listen is ‘Low Budget Rock’ – a fuzzy track accompanied by a great fun beat to boogie around to.

‘Wave Of Blood’ was produced with only limited copies and they’re sold out for now. This album is considered a collectible classic as it doesn’t only gives a sonic experience for listeners but also contain various artworks contribution by some local artists including Arian Arifin, Wedhar Riyadi and Irfan Hakim. Until now, Southern Beach Terror never claimed that they have officially gone off the music scene. Instead they might be on hiatus as frontman/guitarist Bowo is back in his hometown continuing his family’s business.

Dig in their earbleeding tracks here:

by Farah Azahar
Photo via The Southern Beach Terror