SOFT, Ipoh’s Wall Of Sound

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Although the act of shoegazing by musicians is common here in Malaysia, the music genre is rather rare. The heavy distortions, dronning riffs, and the staple “wall of sound” can now be heard ringing from the capital of indie rock in Malaysia, Ipoh.

SOFT, unveiled their debut “A Warm Romanticism In Coldwave Room” last October 2013 on casette, CD, and digitally, and has since performed all over Malaysia and even managed to go on a short tour around Indonesia, and even recetall in the short span of their incarnation. And when you’re weilding a genre as distinctive as shoegaze, it is hard not to notice their references; Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, and Deerhunter (although not entirely shoegaze, there are similar elements).


With their vocals drowned in the vast ocean of reverb, SOFT’s music is somehow crafted to be experienced live, with the sheer loudness of the guitars backed by the rythmatic basslines and commanding drums will definitely leave a strong impression.

Listen to “A Warm Romanticism In Coldwave Room”, below:

Photo via SOFT