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After a while experimenting and working with musicians in his home studio, frontman Salam dedicated himself to produce his own “peace” music, thus the creation of Salammusik. Been on the run for a number of nominations locally and regionally since 2010, their latest achievement was during the AIM 19 Music Awards for Best Album 2012. This 10-man troupe might be mistaken entirely reggae for their image but actually they play a well mix of rock, hip hop, pop, modern and cultural beats too. Despite their addictive music, their lyrics become a platform in expressing their views on peace, environment, love and unity.

Working together with Malique and DJ Fuzz might be a starting point for their fame as “Cerita Kedai Kopi” conquered the charts for all Malaysia radio stations.  Another single “Aku Pelat” featuring reggae artist ZionDread has managed to fit in a few local radio charts too. It doesn’t stop there as their songs also made way to the Europe charts! Salammusik is no longer strangers in the music scene after going through several collaborations project with local and international artists from various genre backgrounds such as Altimet, Jimmy Nieuwenhuizen (NL) So (JP) and  more.


There are some influences sounding from Groundation, Ziggy Marley, Shaggy and SOJA but they still keep their genuineness in making music. Renowned for its explicit melody, they have been doing great fusion of elements for modern and traditional rhythms such as joget and keroncong. The trumpet and saxophone adds friskiness in their songs and able to keep listeners wanting more of their good music.

2013 might have been the best part for this band so far as they released their second album, Salammusik “O” and took on a European tour called “Musikal Ekspress” as a step to make Malaysian music global. Last April, they released a new single – “Kekal”. Salammusik transports contemporary reggae to a next level, keeping everyone singing and dancing to their beats. “Jangan Nangis”, “Arus” and “Penawar” (featuring Pita Hati and Sayla) are my top picks from their latest album. Go have a listen!

by Farah Azahar
Photo via Salammusik