Part Time Musicians, Possibly Thailand’s Next Big Thing

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Part Time Musicians

As Southeast Asia growing faster than ever with the emergence of many young talented acts, Part Time Musicians will also make it worthwhile for exploring. Thick with dreamy vocal harmonies and chiming melodies, Part Time Musicians are sextet indie folk band comprised of (let’s see if you could remember/pronounce ‘em all..) Tarit Chiarakul (acoustic guitar/vocals), Worramet Matutamtada (electric guitar/synth), Wanrada Vichaithanaruks (vocals), Tanapon Santiwattana (bass/chorus), Kita Wangkajornwuttisak (guitar/chorus) and lastly, Athiya Voravijitrapun (violin/piano).

Following the hit of their debut single ‘Vacation Time’ that topped the Thai radio chart last year in June, Part Time Musicians have then released another popular single, ‘Would You Mind?’ featuring Chladni Chandi, of which the band claimed as jaunty with enough quirky-edges to avoid being too cutesy. Not too long after, the band released ‘The Haunted House’ in October with dark refined lyrics that could possibly move you.

Part Time Musicians

With no regard towards stylistic boundaries, the sound that emerges from Part Time Musicians is as varied and diverse as the many influences they adapt from such as Nick Drake, Bob Dylan, Fleet Foxes, Mumford and Sons and inspirations of guitar riffs from Pink Floyd and other psychedelic bands. The result one can say, is an organic collection of strong interlocking parts and tightly-crafted melodies that are almost inimitable.

Part Time Musicians have constantly evolved in terms of sound and live performances; a truly collaborative effort with each member contributing equally to the process. Check out this honest songwriting of the band’s latest track ‘The Only One’ that prides itself on the energy it encompasses at the same time touches upon the fabric of the human condition.

by Izyan Liyana
Photo via Part Time Musicians