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Keyboardist of this Philippine-based band The Strangeness, young lad, Paolo Arciga took a step forward to show another side of his ardour in a solo project under the moniker Paoro. A bit reversed from his band’s sounds, Paoro’s music embraces elements of folk, slow pop with stripped-down melodies that might drive your emotions sore to the touch.

Being most of his songs speaking of inner pain, Paoro abducts listeners to his space of expressive musical sentiment synced with effectual melancholic harmonies. Not sure if he’s experienced some influential love story, but his ability to serenade these stories into words and subtle melodies is indeed worth the shot. His sullen notes were evident in ‘Keep Dreamin’ and ‘Why Me’ along with the downy lo-fi tunes. Holding out an air to somewhat I would call a beautiful misery, putting Paoro on the playlist for lazy rainy days would be perfectomundo!

Listen to Paoro here:

by Farah Azahar
Photo via Paoro