Sheila Majid – Sinaran (DANGERDISKO Bootleg Remix)

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Sheila Majid - Sinaran (DANGERDISKO Bootleg Remix)

Ultimate nu-disco duo Dangerdisko are no strangers to giving you a legitimate excuse to get on the dance floor and are pretty much the go-to guys for your savor of 80s, new wave, and disco influenced music. Adding to the bill alongside some of their great collaborations with artists like Melissa Indot on Wonderland and Fuad of Kyoto Protocol on City Lights, it’s no doubt the duo’s career has reached even higher heights with their recent collaboration with legendary Malaysian songstress Dato’ Sheila Majid.

The duo took on the singing sensation’s classic pop anthem ‘Sinaran’ and gave it the perfect Dangerdisko nu-disco twist, and we’re sure glad they decided to finally release the track due to high demand. What also stands out with this collaboration is the direction Sheila Majid is open to – by working with new, current musicians, and it is also the perfect way to hopefully open more doors for cross-pollinations between current and veteran artists. In other fantastic news, Dangerdisko will also be performing alongside Sheila Majid herself at next year’s installment of Future Music Festival Asia, a performance that many of us are definitely looking forward to.

Sheila Majid – Sinaran (Dangerdisko Bootleg Remix) is available to listen and download here!

by Hazlinda Elina