Mustache And Beard

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Mustache and Beard

While on the subject of stripped-down love-anthem folk, this sextet hailing from Bandung, Indonesia is one of the most promising musicians to emerge from the independent music scene. It is likely that we’ve found ourselves becoming entranced by Mustache and Beard’s sweet contemplative pieces – ‘Morning Life’, ‘Late Nite’, ‘Deyn Barraley’ and ‘Golden Cup’ – with each carries such emotional weight.

Mustache and Beard’s members; Febryan (guitars/vocals), Afif (accordion/vocals), Bima (guitars/vocals), Ari (bass), Nagib (drums) and Adri (trumpets) built their reputation initially on engaging multiple live performances, bringing an energetic and improvisational act to anywhere they perform.

Listen to the homegrown melodies of this 6-piece folk outfit here:

by Izyan Liyana
Photo via Mustache and Beard