Mashrabiya – ‘M’

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Fresh from the oven, there’s not much that we know (well, not yet at least) about this post-rock quintet Mashrabiya except that their debut single ‘M’ delivers some pretty impressive, raunchy post-rock tunes. While there’s still insufficient social media coverage of the band, we were already taken in by the expansive, well-honed sound; churning out visceral post-rock instrumentation in their sparseness of arrangement  – revved guitars, pounding drums overlaid with blaring synths that seems almost effortless. Hammered out with a bolstering intensity and layers of atmosphere and intrigue, you would get the sense that the band simply lifts sounds and textures as much as they creatively immerse them into the track, making this outfit a band to watch. Stay alert for Mashrabiya’s next craft meanwhile watch the official video for ‘M’ below:

P/S: + points if you could spot the guitarist of Reset To Zilch’s take on drums..

Photo via Mashrabiya
by Izyan Liyana