Maharajalela – Budak2 Setan (feat Zack Komplot)

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Maharajalela - Budak2 Setan

The spine-chilling creatures dwelling in the music of Maharajalela has landed again on our site. Maharajalela has definitely pushed experimental’s boundaries to extremes. Distinguished by the mixtures of distorted sounds and that eventually comes out as one eclectic piece, each respective track by this one-man band gives out its own mood and genre that no one could possibly label at one breath.

This time busting a track with a brutish name on it, “Budak2 Setan” is made up of array of distorted waves, chunks of lines from the olden day’s movie and radiated with ode by Zack Komplot, accompanying the melancholy feel in between. The track totally diverts itself from the sound you may have imagined upon stumbling into the title, as it pour out spectrum of feelings in you that fluctuate in accordance to the music as it goes along.

With the slow-tempo heavy beat layered with piercing fluctuating waves as the intro, it’s definitely an ace to indulge yourself in the music with your headphones/earphones on (now that you can fully utilize your expensive headphones/earphones). Take it for a spin down below and make sure your mind is still intact once it’s done.

by Awin Roslin

Written by one of The Wknd's team members.