Kenangan Khamis: Laila’s Lounge – Prindu

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Here’s a new column, ‘Kenangan Khamis’, where we get letters from friends or fans that would like to share their personal experiences they’ve had with bands (or specific tracks).

Our first comes from Nazri Muhi, a close friend and former manager (short stint) of Laila’s Lounge, and former member of Lurks and Tenderfist.

I was first re-introduced to Laila’s Lounge in 2005. At the time, I felt that the post-rock sound was becoming such an overbearing piece of hype hyperbole. You couldn’t really get away from it if you’re into the local scene and it annoys me.

I was thinking “I know some guys back in JB who could do so much more with less”. Less in terms of pomposity, epic show offing and in a technical standpoint, a much sensible use of the effect guitar pedals.

Laila's Lounge

Those guys were Laila’s Lounge.

Some story.

My throwback moment for this song started precisely the time me and Hadi recorded what was the earliest version of prindu called “Di sore itu kita bercumbuan” in Bangi. It was recorded with an acoustic guitar and a USB condenser mic. (trivia: same guitar was also used in the recording of Tenderfist’s ‘Shipwreck’) I overlayed the mix with some feedback loop from a delay connected to the microphone pointing to the speaker of a Casio sk 1 keyboard. I remember bringing the pc with the track back to JB where Bai added more of the guitar parts at a house in Taman Pelangi. If you listened to this version of the song, you would notice that I especially, went overboard. I think I used every plugin available in the software and it was terribly mixed!

Why this matters?

It doesn’t. A lot happened since then and 2007. I was well on my way to prove my earlier mentioned point when “Di sore itu kita bercumbuan” became “Prindu”. Now, of course, excellently recorded, produced and mixed for the ‘Kosong EP’ by Ajeep and the band. I was floored by this power ballad at each listen. I immersed myself to every word, with every hook tugs away small pieces of real estate in my soul. Point? It doesn’t matter anymore. “Right about now, who gives a shit about making a point anyway”, I thought.

Looking back, I had so much love for them both as people and musicians. When Laila’s Lounge ended it took some time to understand what the fuck that had just happened. As if it took us by surprise and when most tried to piece together with what’s left of what they had. I didn’t think in the end it worked out as well as everyone wanted.

If course, i wont bore you with all the details except for this personal realization. The pieces that they still left behind, this mix of the song prindu for example. Feels like an extension of themselves stretched out in a convergence of pure honesty and sweet ass melodies that wraps you up, in a warm embrace.

Laila’s Lounge was Hadi, Bai, Icham, Anaz & Toya. They recorded 1 EP ‘Kosong’ released in 2008 by i-bands records.

Written by Nazri Muhi
You can correspond with Nazri via email here.
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