KOBE – Here

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KOBE – L.J. Bain Chompoowong (vocals/guitars), Tawan Chiraseepanya (bass/vocals) and Ayu Charuburana (drums/vocals) is a three-piece outfit based in Bangkok. The band has been actively making a name for themselves in the Thai indie music scene, from performing at small indie-pubs, musical theaters to various festivals. Their 5-track EP, ‘Here’ offers an uplifting escape into the realm of folk-rock topped with an infectious tempo and rhythm which has earned them a significant buzz. You would get the sense that they can seamlessly implement quite a range of sonic shifts and styles into their EP yet infusing songs that engage and enliven, making ‘Here’ a well-structured and vocals-driven album with a swing-feel as a whole.

The album is available for purchase via iTunes here

Photo via KOBE