Jenatones (Jena) – Malas

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It is a reality universally accepted that we all get consumed in a state of idleness every now and then and it’s okay. While we talk about this matter of unproductiveness and feeling trapped, we suggest you listen to this latest soothing track by local indie electronic producer, Jenatones, or Jena, to help you pass the time – you hardly have to lift a finger!

Well-suited with the track title, ‘Malas’ is a weightless piece with decent instrumentation interspersing with languid vocals, spacey melody that is very much hypnotic, atmospheric and otherworldly. Not to be fooled by his remotely low-key status in the scene, this former member of KL-based melodic death metal band ‘Cassandra’ has produced quite a number of promising tracks for his experimental/electronic solo project like ‘Dear Maschocist’, ‘Moon Steps’, ‘Hey Dude’ and ‘Fire Nation Girl.’

You can spin all the tracks here:

by Izyan Liyana
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