Gym and Swim – Octopussy

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gym and swim

Running parallel to our own occurrence here, there’s a growing number of independent musicians in our neighboring countries and they are unarguably creative and seminal in their experiments with sound for ever-changing variety of music that push boundaries – much like this fresh off the indie circuit Bangkok-based band, Gym and Swim. The quartet is a flavorful mix of, โปรป้อง (Pro Pong), โปรหมี่ (Pro Mee), โปรเหลิม (Pro Lerm) and โปรเติร์ก (Pro Turk).

Sung in English, the band’s latest upbeat indie-pop styling track, ‘Octopussy’ has been winning over listeners for the sublime blend of lush arrangement and melodic, crystalline lead vocal work, buoyant and feel-good vibe emanated from the release.

Check out their hit ‘Octopussy’ to get a taste of their music.

gym and swim

by Izyan Liyana
Photo via Gym and Swim