‘.gif’, Worth The Symbolic Weight They Carry

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LOL you be fooled to think we’re gonna be serving you up with Tumblr GIFs of adorable animals or swimwear models– though who doesn’t love to see that, if y’know what I mean.


Drawing from elements of ambient, downtempo, indie dreampop and with such a range of influences from Thievery Corporation, Björk, Frou Frou and Thom Yorke, there is something for everyone to latch on to in the music by this Singapore-based experimental electronic duo, .gif (pronounced “dot jif”) comprised of Weish and Din.

Separately, they’re both incredible artists in their own lanes and being frequently occupied with other musical projects, they treat .gif as a space of freedom, respite, and honesty – striving to make music that is intensely personal, and hopefully, meaningful.

.gif’s lead single ‘Diatribe’, taken from their debut EP ‘Saudade released last year November, is an instant hook for its dark, junglist high-energy nature and those characteristic melodies, gentle yet bursting with atmosphere that translate beautifully to the format. Din’s synths and beat arrangements managed to capture the track’s sombre vibe without losing its hint of loneliness and desperation complimenting Weish’s vocals that are soft yet strained-scream, meant to sound emotionally haunting throughout, at the same time reflecting the love-driven lyricism well to make this track stand out in its own right.


.gif released several other emotion-stirring singles such as ‘Song Six’, ’11:59’, ‘For Frost’, ‘Juvenile’ and many other tunes that are like being in a fog, diffusive but all around you. Atmospheric plucked melodies ooze out of these thus be sure to give ’em a listen;

You can also download / purchase .gif’s 4-track debut EP ‘Saudade’, for whatever price you’re willing to chip in, here.

by Izyan Liyana
Photo via .gif