Eyedress – ‘Hearing Colors’ Mixtape

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Filipino solo bedroom producer, Idris Vicuña still possesses his infinite mojo of computer beats and reverberant synthesizer energies to work more on ghostly electronic beats of Eyedress. Currently signed under London-based label Abeano, he has set forth spreading his unworldly beats out of Manila to London and Europe for a few festivals and shows. Eyedress creates eerie yet thrilling beats with strokes of synthpop and 80s new wave like beats that would be just right to electrify those who dig CHVRCHES, Phantogram or Purity Ring.

Who would’ve thought that all of this come from just his animator father’s old laptop handed down to him? All these blend of futuristic witch-house chillwave were squeezed into ‘Hearing Colors’ mixtape which was recently made available for free download. Luminous cosmic sounds of electro pop crammed in tracks like ‘Salaamin’ and ‘Biolumine’ mostly presenting collaboration with a pleasing washed out vocals from Skint Eastwood, a singer friend of his. Passing from track to another through the mixtape felt like an expedition to synth-glazed city which ended dramatically by switches of the last few tracks’ depressing lyrical content.


Eyedress sings in his own high-pitched voice in other tracks like ‘Nature Trips’ and ‘White Lies’ giving an exciting sinister atmosphere. Other than the highlight of a very moody nightlit vibe, this mixtape provides stories of misery, mistrust and psychedelic drugs which were inspired from his personal experience and also the dark walls of Manila. Keep an ear out for future releases from Eyedress as he’s currently working on some new tracks (thank you Instagram!).

Stream or download his wonderful spine-chilling beats from ‘Hearing Colors’ mixtape here:

by Farah Azahar
Photo via Eyedress