Dirgahayu – 九 / 十六 (Kyū / Jū Roku)

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At our recent Cross Border Showcase, we had the honor of having this Kuala Lumpur based math / experimental rock band, Dirgahayu, perform at both dates, in Penang and Kuala Lumpur. The band caught everyones attention with their calculated and complex grooves and guitar styling, a true band’s band.

Shot by Khairul Johari, whom worked alongside Carlos Nizam on Dirgahayu’s first video clip, the video below was shot live at our Cross Border Showcase in Penang, and manage to capture the essence of the band, albeit it being recorded using a single DSLR.

Dirgahayu – 九 / 十六 (Kyū / Jū Roku) Pt. 01 (Live in Penang) from Khairul Johari on Vimeo.