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4-piece emoviolence outfit that came out of Rembau, Malaysia, that makes a hell of a collection of sound is all I really know about this band really. Part of this is because information is scarce online, and partially because they kinda wanna keep it that way. This works in a sense that you’ve only got their music as reference and you aren’t too clouded up with the rest of the nonsense, which is good to see in this age of narcissism.

It’s their DIY mentality that really stands out, with everything from promoting releases to touring. It goes to the extent of them embarking on a month long tour of Europe in 2012, among other touring expeditions.

Formed in the early 2000s, Daighila sounds straight like they left the 90s euro scene with brutal riffs and crashing drumlines that balance the honest angry lyrics with the emotional bloodstained music. It’s all good, good enough to keep the fellas going ever since conception with them just opening for Deafheaven in Kuala Lumpur recently and even to the point of being denied access and held up in Australia for their supposed-to-be tour there. Stuff like that hasn’t hindered them one bit with upcoming gigs all over it’s hard enough their FB page is blank. I guess you just gotta stay in the loop and spend a little time on their bandcamp page.

Below is a good starting point.

by Mark Joshua
Photo via Daighila