Bin Idris

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bin idris

There’s something about Bandung, Indonesia that’s got the music going and we can’t quite figure out how such a wide variety of sounds keeps pouring outta there. We’ve already covered a few before and there’s many others we’ve surely missed, but this time around we got a good one. He goes by the name of Bin Idris (Haikal Azizi) and even amongst the lush thickness of talent, he sticks out quite vibrantly.

Before we get on to his own personal project, you should first know that he was or probably still is the lead singer and guitarist for Sigmun, which of course sounds like the 70’s on some modern tweaked acid. So you’ve got a rough idea of where still this man stands with substance and well even without the rest of his friends, he carries himself pretty well.

Now the arrangements aren’t as heavy as his band but instead he’s got a real subtle story-telling approach which makes you want to pay attention to what he’s got to express. A definite calmer take on things with mellow song build-ups & guitar riffs that take their time but doesn’t waste any – that in the end all knots up pretty strongly. Most of the time he’s only equipped with his taped-up guitar, a few effects and the occasional banjo, and that’s it. That’s pretty much enough to take listener on a ride whether you decide to shut your brain off or choose to work out his space folk music. Take a listen here, he’s got a few gems to pick from like ‘Angin Dari Timur’ which is just him and his banjo or even some space gospel ‘Teddy The Space Merchant (Lost In The Galaxy)’ that’s a perfect excuse to go day-tripping.

Here’s Sigmun performing live on The Wknd Sessions:

by Mark Joshua
Photo via Bin Idris