Bassment Syndicate – tickling your groove-bone

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Standing on a foggy line between jazz, hip hop, neo-soul, R&B, Bassment Syndicate was founded in 2010 featuring four skilled souls – Q’ (vocals/trombone), Hiran (keyboards), Omar (drums) and Fook (bass). Slipping in a slight sense of rock, funk and smooth groove, this band is all good odds and ends. Their debut album ‘Morning’ is of well organized easy tunes that are able to satisfy universal listeners despite the various genres being brought up.

Decades ago, jazz met hip hop like two awkward strangers before they successfully emerged in the industry during the 90s. And look at what we have now! These guys are bringing better improvement to loosen you up with a contemporary boom-bap and jazzy traces. I wouldn’t compare this band because of their originality but there are a few sounds similar to The Roots, Madlib and A Tribe Called Quest. Overall, it’s cool how these blokes got inspired by diverse genres and innovating their music into something pleasant to our ears. This evolutionary music mixing band deserves a spotlight.


You don’t say it’s an independent music journey without a bumpy road. This band took a break for a while after the loss of their original guitarist before realizing that they couldn’t abandon their precious efforts. They finally made an attempt to reform and continue their music invention. Bassment Syndicate has appeared in some well-known music festivals both locally and internationally (also shared the stage with John Mayer!), gaining new experiences and audiences. Other than being featured on Fly FM Stripped, this quadruplet has their own series on their YouTube called The Rats Nest in which they play some covers and songs, sometimes along with other guest artists.

To keep up with them, check out their website for upcoming gigs:



by Farah Azahar
Photo via Bassment Syndicate