Basement Tape

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Bangkok-based indie rock quartet Basement Tape is a brainchild of Ben Edwards, Tat Bunnag, Ki Nakpracha and Put Suksiriwan; a band which offers their outlook with attention-grabbing classic beats.  Having played at numerous fests, bars, parties and art shows in Bangkok including other provinces in Thailand, this band has also made it as the supporting band for Whitest Boy Alive and Tahiti 80 live in Bangkok. Their mutual interest to make better music since this band’s formation in 2008 is what drives this band to produce their second full-length release, ‘II’.

Astounding their local alternative scene, Basement Tape position themselves into an unwavering mix of 90s underground indie pop along with 60s mode rock radio melodies. These elements were met in ‘II’ together with a lo-fi approach that intends to capture the raw character of their music. The band has stepped into a more advanced field of digital sound, leaving the retro recording process of their previous albums which came out of cassette tapes.

basement tape

The members of Basement Tape each has a weakness for the classics – be it 60s or 70s music, movies or anything that could influence their music. This is maybe why you could find some traces of The Clash, Teenage Fanclub, Pavement, and some recent bands with with musical similarities like Death Cab For Cutie and Beach Fossils.

Still keeping the realism of their sounds, ‘II’ is a capsule-filled with a fusion of folk, retro and rock summing up into a kind of likeable get-up-and-go beats. Starting off with ‘Gridlock’, they set audiences in a perfect surrounding to indulge in their eargasmic beats. The variety of melodies lets you virtually roam around Basement Tape’s sphere into some retro dreamgaze spirit in tracks like ‘Morning Sea’ and ‘In The Universe’. Also, experience some touches of folk twists in ‘Old Picture’ and ‘Surprise Surprise’.

by Farah Azahar
Photo via Basement Tape