Barefood – Sullen EP: let’s go back, back to the 90s

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Take timeless 90s music off the golden era and put it in the hands of two musical talents that like to rejuvenate and offer a modern, grungy interpretation of alternative pop music of the 90s which defines their distinctive sound.

Hailing from Jakarta, Barefood is the brainchild of highschool mates, Rachmad Triyadi and Ditto Pradwito (formerly in a hardcore band called Fire Arena). The early start of the band saw a constantly revolving drummer before they decided the band fits better as a duo.


The release of Barefood’s debut EP ‘Sullen’ with the help of drummer, Bowo from post-punk band The Porno, is described as an authentic display of the band’s creative stimulation and enduring presence in the music scene after various performances under their belt; understanding the gravity of throwing high-spirited fuzz-pop live shows that captivate a crowd at the same time creating a deep rapport between the band and their loyal fans that continue to fill up venues in Indonesia throughout the time.

The 5-track record ‘Sullen’ delivers energetic sounds with its jaunty harmonic arrangements, raging guitars and emotive songwriting that evokes elements of pop-punk.

Check out their tunes like ‘Perfect Colour’, ‘Teenage Daydream’ and ‘Grey Skies’ which are able to stir listeners into a frenzy!

by Izyan Liyana
Photo via Barefood