Amir Meludah, Rhyme Spitting

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Amir Meludah, Rhyme Spitting

Most days I cant even sentence proper let alone come up with a rhyme, which is probably why whenever I come across good rap music it equally annoys and impresses me. AmirMeludah’s music had that effect on me straight from the get-go and once the initial jealously simmered down I started to wonder why he’s not getting the attention he deserves.

He’s been churning out music on his soundcloud for more than two years with over 50 songs sounding just as good as the last. 50 tracks? YES! In no particular order really, he puts up whatever he feels like at the time which can range from using dirty tissues as metaphors to straight to the point honest in your face facts. He’s message-driven lyrical style hits you hard and his approach to his beats that go hand in hand are definitely why you should give his page a listen.

I seriously hope that this hardworking living-room composer keeps doing what he’s does cause personally I can’t get enough and then I’m pretty sure sooner or later you’ll recognize the name.

by Mark Joshua
Photo via Amir Meludah