Amir Jahari, From Street Busking to Centerstage

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Amir Jahari

Amir Jahari is living proof that hard work & commitment to your craft pays off. Eventually. He left Kuching and set his sights on starting anew in Kuala Lumpur where he enrolled at ASWARA’s faculty of music. In between classes he would walk the streets of KL busking to earn a little extra where he honed his song­writing skills to his own rhyme and I’m pretty sure the tough crowds and stiff competition from the other talented buskers helped make him as resilient as he is with a never give up attitude. All that and a short stint in reality TV *let’s not go back there* which wasn’t too good to him, he continued to preserver and eventually went under the wings of Blogger / Social Media Consultant, Joe Lee (aka Klubbkidd), and one thing led to another, Amir met Aizat Amdan who then formed Go­Gerila, who’s alternative rock music immediately got our attention. The band have since been touring, playing off their own new album “blackbox” *side note­check that out too* which has been keeping the ever restless Amir on the move. With the release of “Penghibur Jalanan” last year, his very own album, his life has stepped up a notch.

Amir Jahari - Penghibur Jalanan

The album is a modern mix of folk and country jazz, teamed up amidst penetrating lyrics that speaks from what he’s been through; you hear the honest struggle in them, while his sound shows his positive take to life. The song Penghibur Jalanan itself is his perspective on what it’s like to hustle entertainment to busy people around him who only see him as a beggar and not someone who’s just like them, chasing dreams. Other tracks on the album speak of various other moments in his life with just as much honesty in his lyrics in each of them. It’s great to see deserving artist like Amir who has paid his dues finally make it past the dreadful interviews and shabby TV gimmicks.

by Mark Joshua
Photo via Amir Jahari

Watch Amir Jahari perform with Go Gerila! live on The Wknd Sessions.