Interview: The Trees And The Wild

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Our intern, Mark Joshua, managed to catch West Javanese alternative folk rockers, The Trees And The Wild to answer some questions before their double-bill show alongside noise pop outfit from San Francisco, Deerhoof in Singapore, June 19.


1) With all the travelling you’ve been doing outside of Indonesia, has it at all influenced your style of sound or music-making process and if not, how’d you maintain that purity of your own style?

Not much, we are influenced by what we do and what we often listen to, just that, and we don’t actually think too much about maintaining our style. We just focus on making something that we think is good.

2) Any experiments with different instruments or sounds perhaps?
Yes of course, we tried some new stuff to fill the new upcoming tracks, it’s fun..

3) What do you think of bands who’ve left home or have strayed away from their own origins? A lot of people fuss about change. Anything actually wrong with that?
It’s nice to try new things and give it a shot. But the important thing is, to question things such as; are we good enough to do that? Are we prepared yet?.. because there are so many good bands out there, so you have to prepare a lot of things before you leave home for a long time.. just be relevant.

4) If Deerhoof cancelled last minute, who would you want to play alongside next instead?
Haha.. Is Deerhoof cancelled? No we don’t think of any particular bands.

5) There are plenty of brilliant new bands coming out of Indonesia who could use a little advise from some seasoned traveled musicians. What would you say to them (eg. what kind of shoes to bring, things you should have left at home/things you should have brought along and how to handle strangers perhaps?)
Maybe just bring an extra pair of shirts, extra money for drinks to keep you warm, and don’t forget to bring enough tolak angin (jamu), it can make you think how lucky we are to have that in Indonesia. And be nice!


Last chance to get your tickets! For more info on the event go to:

Here’s ‘The Trees And The Wild’ performing live on The Wknd’s Singgah Sekejap:

Interviewed by Mark Joshua
Photo via The Trees And The Wild