Crossing Seas, January 20, Singapore

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Crossing Seas

“Crossing Seas is more than a mathematical riddle of time signatures; it promises an experience of flavors across the spectrum – expect aural delights with notes of blues, jazz, funk, a hearty dose of post-rock, progressive rock, and even post-punk. For one evening only, journey with these three gems of Asia, as we bring you through the light and airy, to ground breaking heavy.”

Crossing Seas: 3 Gems of Asia. 1 Stage featuring:

Elephant Gym 大象體操 (Taiwan)
The music of Elephant Gym is known for clear and memorable bass line, emotional guitar riffs and melodic drumming. Most songs are instrumental. In 2013, Elephant Gym has started to invite singers to compose with them. You will be pleased to know that Enno from Chocolate Tiger 猛虎巧克力 will join the band in Singapore as guest vocalist!

NAO 孬乐队 (Malaysia)
NAO 孬乐队 hailing from across the causeway is no stranger to the music scene here, and makes a perfect pair-up, having shared stages with Elephant Gym in Taiwan, Malaysia, and now Singapore! It has been said that NAO is the most beautiful manifestation of a diverse mix, with key influences coming from Japan’s rich musical expression.

Straddling the line between the classic punk energy of the legendary Fugazi and today’s manic metal/hardcore upstarts System Of A Down, you get the hard-hitting outfit NAO. Their musical form developed from the design theory; math-like equation rhythms encompassing a mixture of joyous melodies with a tinge of psychedelica.

Sphearas (Singapore)
Sphaeras, Singapore’s very own up-and-rising was formed in July 2013 in one of the most unlikely scenarios – an army bunk. Now consisting of 4 members with diverse musical backgrounds, Sphaeras strives to reconcile differences in the varying wave lengths to produce music incorporating odd time signatures, post rock textures and full blown metal riffs all on the same plate.

Ticket Details: 

Advance $26 w/ 1 drink
Door $30 w/ 1 drink

Advance $40 w/ 1 drink + Elephant Gym full length album “Angle 角度”

Advance $40 w/ 1 drink + NAO full length album “I Had Enough Time To Be Disappointed Again 我有足够的时间再次失望”

Advance $40 w/ 1 drink + Sphaeras T-Shirt

* Merch discounts available only with advance ticket purchase
* Venue is free standing with limited tables – reservations please email

A show not to be missed. Buy your advance tickets now at discounted prices with merch bundles! Doors open at 7PM!

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