The Wknd Sessions


This session, shot at Rimbun Dahan, features Tenderfist. Having played the singer songwriter circuit for a bit, they are now back with their full lineup and with their blend of down tempo pop and heartfelt songwriting, Tenderfist is definitely a band to watch in the near future.

Loud, crazy and addictively melodious, Bunkface is a group of talented kids who, besides making excellent pop punk music, sets out to have all the fun that they can possibly have while they are at it.

Being one of the very few power pop bands in the local scene, Couple has been churning delightfully catchy and infectious pop music for about 13 years already.

Traffic jams, the news, chronic clumsiness, and the female species are about some of things that inspire local singer-songwriter Reza Salleh, who has a penchant for writing catchy, witty as well as dark and melancholic, heart-felt songs.

Raw and stripped down acoustic, independent folk singer-songwriter Meor is truly a veteran, writing and performing Malay songs in the local art scene from as early as 1984.