Hailing from Melaka, this 10 piece outfit skips between punk, unpolished pop and indie rock. The sheer volume of the band members, and their energy is a breath of fresh air to the local scene.

This session, shot at Rimbun Dahan, features Tenderfist. Having played the singer songwriter circuit for a bit, they are now back with their full lineup and with their blend of down tempo pop and heartfelt songwriting, Tenderfist is definitely a band to watch in the near future.

Loud, crazy and addictively melodious, Bunkface is a group of talented kids who, besides making excellent pop punk music, sets out to have all the fun that they can possibly have while they are at it.

Post-rock quartet Deepset resonates an emotionally moving blend of harmonic phase and sonic beauty with mesmerizing echoes of weeping and soaring guitars that are both mind-blowing and haunting.

Traffic jams, the news, chronic clumsiness, and the female species are about some of things that inspire local singer-songwriter Reza Salleh, who has a penchant for writing catchy, witty as well as dark and melancholic, heart-felt songs.